Assistentes de Bordo Ryanair‏

Assistentes de Bordo Ryanair‏
Ryanair is an Irish airline, the company was founded in 1985 by Irish businessman Tony Ryan and is headquartered in Dublin, they currently have a fleet of 303 Boeing 737-800 aircraft, which covers 1,600 routes connecting 186 destinations in 30 countries around Europe and is constantly expanding and through Dalmac the official training and recruitment partner for Ryanair who have launched a recruitment plan for an additional 1,450 jobs to be filled through assessment days being held across Europe.

- To become a Flight Attendant on board Ryanair Aircraft you are required to meet the following requirements;
- No experience required.
- Minimum height 1.57cm
- Over 18 years of age.
- Excellent English
- Good swimming skills
- Willingness to relocate within Europe 

Normal shift pattern is 5 days working, 2 Days off followed by 5 days working, 3 days off with return to base daily.
There will be Presentations, English tests and Interviews at the Assessment Days. To get more information and to participate at the assessment days candidates are asked to register online at www.dalmac.ie.
After registration, please send your confirmation of registration and your CV in English to eures-ireland@iefp.pt